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Friday, 27 April 2018

Rihanna’s Fenty Brand Faces Lawsuit

Rihanna’s “Fenty University” gear is a total rip-off not because that college doesn’t exist, but because it jacked its initials from another clothing brand so claims that other brand. The singer’s Fenty label through Puma is in hot water with Freedom United, an American fashion brand that happens to use the initials FU on its gear which it boasts has been worn by celebs like Demi Lovato.

Freedom sent Puma a cease and desist letter in January, spelling out how Rihanna had knowledge of its FU mark for at least a couple of years, yet still chose to use ‘F.U.’ for her line of Fenty University products.

The company asked Puma to stop making the ‘F.U.’ gear and hand over a full accounting of how much cash RiRi made from her ‘F.U.’ line. Puma fired back in March with its own letter obtained by TMZ insisting there was no infringement on Freedom’s ‘FU’ because Rihanna’s ‘F.U.’ used a completely different font. Besides, Puma claims, FU is not a unique trademark it’s just initials. Puma also says the Fenty U merch ran its course and is no longer being produced.

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