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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Nigerians Need To Relax; Those Who Love Me, Love Me Regardless - Mr Eazi

Mr Eazi has recently been trending in Nigeria for all the wrong reasons, and he seem ready to trend some more for same reasons.

The controversial Nigerian singer spoke exclusively to NET on the recent controversy and other matters. Read excerpt below:

How do you feel about the Twitter backlash you got from Nigerians last week?

‘Life is easy now.. you know Nigerians, we love all these things. Even my friends who were with me at home joined people on Twitter in on the bants. They started competing over who will get the most retweets. I know though, that beneath the banter there are some people who were genuinely upset.’

Why do you come off as arrogrant?
‘You have to meet me to know if I’m proud. If I tell you I am a boy or a man, is that bragging? If I tell you God is good, is that bragging? Bragging is when you overly state something in a manner that it demeans your neighbour. So, I am not proud. I don’t walk with escorts, ask people who know me.’

Many people are of the opinion that this episode will affect your career because they’re offended…

‘My fans want to see me, but they’ve not seen me because I’ve been booked in different countries round the world. Just watch out what will happen in December. I also just left computer village and it was a stampede, I was shown so much love. I am currently at the Airport and I am getting love from my people, so beneath the banters, it’s all love. Those who love Mr Eazi will love me regardless.’

So are you going to take that controversial statement back?

Omo, you can’t take a statement back. Once something has been said, it has been said. Anybody wey dey vex for Mr Eazi gats calm down, because if you think about Youths that have done a lot for Nigeria, I will like to think that I have done a lot to represent Africa; especially by being on the Apple-up-Next list. I am the first Nigerian to have ever done that. My videos were played in 380 Apple stores worldwide. I have billboards in London, LA and New York. If you watch the full documentary, you will hear me say I am a Nigerian and I am representing Africa. I also have a radio show on Apple music called Detty Radio..and on it, 60 percent of the songs I play are Nigerian songs. I am a representative of Nigerian music outside Nigeria, so people need to understand that this is beyond us.

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