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Monday, 17 July 2017

Monkey Sues Man Who Took His Photograph

A 52-year-old photographer, David Slater has been sued by a monkey who took his photograph.

Slater, who specialises in wildlife and conservation photography is behind the now-infamous ‘monkey-selfie’ says he has been left penniless after being sued by the primate in the photograph.

He explained that he has been financially drained by the bizarre legal case over whether he, or the endangered crested black macaque, own the copyright to the photograph.

Slater told the Telegraph that although his photograph of the grinning monkey is famous around the world, his income is only around £100 every few months from image sales. He said he couldn’t even afford a flight to America to be at a court hearing last Thursday.

He said: ‘Everything I did to try and highlight the plight of the monkeys has backfired on my private life. I’ve had my life ruined.’

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