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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Man Calls His Brother From The Grave After Russian Mobsters Buried Him

As reported by Daily Mail, a Russian businessman, Khikmet Salaev, was kidnapped and dragged to a Moscow graveyard by a group of gangsters over an alleged 30 million rouble (approx. N166m) debt. The businessman was buried face-down in the grave and allowed to keep his phone which he called his younger brother with.

The report adds that the terrified younger brother, Ismail, later said he ‘literally’ heard his
older brother speaking from a grave, and to save him, he quickly paid the gangsters 1.2 million roubles (about N6m) and handed over his BMW 535 car to the ‘business partners’.

After Ismail paid the money, the gansters informed him of the location and it took 4 hours before Ismail could find his brother. He then rushed the businessman to a hospital where it was discovered that Salaev had suffered broken ribs from being dragged to the grave.

This incident has scared the Russian media which reports that the famous 1990s gangsterism is back to the city.

Sadly, the men who buried the businessman had yet to be arrested as at press time.

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