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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

‘If I Never Make Another Rap Song Again, I’ll Be OK’ – Remy Ma

It seems Remy Ma is done fighting for the throne of rape queen. Moments ago, the rapper who was a special guest on the show revealed how much her life changed since she became a mother and a wife, unlike the fire burning inside of her when she first launched her career as a rapper.

She said:

“I think I have passed that point in my career. When I first started, I wanted to be the best. I wanted everybody to know that I am dope. Can nobody mess with me. And then, it was like light
bulb! This is a brand. This is a business. Then it started to turn into a job and it was not so fun so much,” said the rapper.

She continued, “Also, I have a family. I have a husband. I have a son. Those are the things that are more important to me now.”

“If I never made another rap song again, I will be ok,” she said,” adding in contrast that she would be shattered if she never saw her son again.

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