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Monday, 10 April 2017

Why We Waited 62 Days To Have Sex – Tyrese Gibson And Wife

Hollywood actor, Tyrese Gibson and his wife, Samantha Lee who were on a radio tour in New York City to promote his movie Fate of the Furious, were given some air time to reveal details on their marriage on SiriusXM radio with the host, Jenny McCarthy.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

On their first sex after they got married.

Tyrese: ‘I’ll tell you proudly, we got active and it was so much magic. We decided to go 60 days without. We decided to become born-again virgins. We’re both Christians. We went from December 14 to February 14. It was hard—I mean, challenging!’

When asked if they ‘dry humped like eighth graders’

Samantha: ‘No, not even that. We didn’t kiss.’

Tyrese: ‘We did kiss. I just had to calm you down.’

Samantha: ‘It wasn’t like that.’

Tyrese: ‘Baby, don’t be embarrassed it was harder for you to get through the 60 days more than me. Just say it!’

On how they first met

Tyrese: ‘We met through mutual friends in Atlanta.’

On if it was love at first sight

Samantha: ‘The first time I met him I thought he was attractive but I didn’t trust him because he’s Tyrese.

‘When we met up again two years later. We had a very honest first date. He had reassured me that this wasn’t about hooking up, this was about actually meeting somebody.’
Tyrese: ‘My exact words were, ‘I want you to know that I’m not lacking sex in my life. So let’s take that off the table’.

‘It gets better, I also said, ‘I want you to know that my motivation is not sex. I don’t want you to look at everything I’m saying and doing as I’m only and specifically motivated by trying to get you in bed. We can go months and months without sex.’

Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee got married on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017.

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