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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Nigerian Couple Are Heading For a Divorce One Week After Getting Married

An embattled husband whose marriage is just a week old has open up on their stumbling blocks as they could be heading to court for a divorce if it's not properly managed. The story was published on a popular online forum in Nigeria and it is currently attracting diverse comments.

Read his story below:

Dear members...I am of the type that says NO to bringing marital shortcomings to the social media but I just realized why others do so.

I formerly got married on Tuesday 18th April but we are already headed for a bitter divorce. To cut the story short, the whole issue started at the ground of our traditional marriage (Igba Nkwu).

On arriving her dad's compound, I was stunned to realize her mother didn't make the provisions of which I paid her for. The DJ wasn't on ground, the canopies were just 3 and looking dirty, the chairs were not up to half of what i paid for. There was no light, no microphone, no decorations, the few food cooked were not served to guest and I was devastated.

Out of anger and disappointment, I started lashing out at my wife and she broke down in tears begging me for forgiveness. We managed to forge ahead till the the ceremony ended and we headed for my house.

As our tradition demands, the newly married bride sees off her 'Aso Ebis' and return in the evening same day to welcome visitors. But alas, my wife went and never came back till Friday evening.

I queried her on her where-about only for her reply in a harsh manner saying "where do you expect me to be", "don't make me angry" God!! I couldn't believe it as it made me more mad in anger so I asked her to return to wherever she's coming from and leave our son behind (yes we already had a year and 10 months old son). I actually made this decision to save face else how do I clarify the absence of my wife and son to visitors and well-wishers trooping in to see them?

She hurriedly dashed into the room and picked her phone and stormed out of the house. Now her mother is accusing me of taking her daughter's son from her and stripping her of her belongings.

Now my wife is saying she's no longer interested in the marriage likewise her people (her father is late). I am still fuming with anger that I am at loss of what to do. I am not prepared to raise my son alone neither do I want him to be raised by her mother alone.

Should I initiate a peace move and apologize to her or should I move on with life.....I am seriously confused and fuming with anger that I was shortchanged and offended and still expected to offer apologies.

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