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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Former Neighbours Hits Justin Bieber With Another Lawsuit

Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber, has reportedly been slammed with a lawsuit by his former neighbours who claim he hurled anti-Semitic comments their way.

The drama with the neighbours, Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz, started in 2014 when the singer egged their home during an altercation in 2014. The couple dragged him to court and won $80k which they used in repairing the damages he did.

Shortly after, Jeffrey said the bad press ruined his car sales business, and so he filed emotional distress lawsuit and loss of income. Now, the couple have upped their lawsuit, adding that the singer carried a campaign of terror against them and hurling slur words while at it.

“Threatening a man with body harm while calling him a ‘little Jew boy’ and intimidating him with ‘what are you going to do about it, Jew boy?’ is a hate crime,” said the documents their lawyers filed in court.

However, Bieber’s lawyer say the claims are preposterous. He alleges that Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwarz already admitted that hate slurs was made by Bieber’s bodyguard and not the singer himself.

The couple stand a chance of winning more in damages if they win the case.

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