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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Man Dies 'While In Action' With A Prostitute Who Offered Him Free Service

A man identified as Mr Lambert Osigwe reportedly died on top of a prostitute who offered him free sex in a brothel in the city of Anara in Isi­ala Mbano local government area of Imo State.

According Mad­am Chineye Ukomadu, who was an eye witness, the deceased known as Mr Lambert Osigwe met his untimely death in a popular brothel at Anara during a sex romp with one of the prostitutes known as Miss Onyenye­chi Nwosu.

Ukomadu said that the deceased said to be an alleged customer of the prostitute nor­mally comes around to buy used condoms with sperm from the resident prostitutes unknown to the prostitutes of what he uses them for.

But on Monday, the deceased was said to have visited the brothel without asking for his usual ware but only met his usual sex hawker and demanded to have sex on credit claiming he has no money with him then and as a mark of sustain­ability of customer pa­tronage, the prostitute obliged him.

The source said the youthful commer­cial sex worker claimed that few minutes into the sex escapade, the de­ceased started gasping for breath and eventu­ally became cold on top of her.

Out of fear and shock, the prostitute raised an alarm which attracted people within the broth­el to rush into her room, only to see the naked body of the deceased on the floor.

The hotel manage­ment held the prostitute with other onlookers to explain what hap­pened. The commercial sex worker was said to be dumbfounded and jittery; she was accused of using charms on the customer which she ve­hemently denied.

They quickly called the Divisional Police Officer, Anara who came with a team of police officers in a Hilux van and im­mediately arrested Ony­inyechi and detained her in their outpost cell and later carried the corpse and deposited it at St. Kizito Mortuary, Ama­raku in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State.

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