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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Kris Jenner’s Toyboy Lover Corey Gamble Proposes

Tomboy, Corey Gamble has certainly tried to earn his keep, as he gave Kris Jenner a foot massage while they flew home from Costa Rica on Monday, hours after he proposed to her.

According to sources:

“He got down on one knee and proposed... .The whole thing was filmed for the reality show and he did it THREE times to make sure everything was caught on camera. It was totally fake and totally set-up. After thy finished filming everyone walked away to do the next shoot as if nothing happened. Knowing this family, they probably got the ring free in exchange for product placement. Kris’s answer was – MAYBE.”

The epic rubdown was captured for posterity by her fun-loving daughter Kylie Jenner, who shared the thrilling moment with her legion of Snapchat followers.

Corey, 36, was enjoying a magazine when he was called to action by his 61-year-old other half.

But her toyboy looked thrilled that he could be of use to his wealthy lover.

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