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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Jealous Man Kills Wife Because Her Job Involved Taking Care Of Other Men

A jealous husband identified as Imran Khan has found himself facing a long time in jail after his outmoded world view led him to murder his wife for simply doing her job.

Khan's wife, Nasreen Khan, a care worker, received numerous text messages and threats from her husband who did not like that her work could involve interacting with other men. He kept threatening her that it wasn’t ‘halal’ and that her actions were ‘haram’ (taboo) and warned her with verses from the Quran.

He kept complaining about her work till the day he snapped and simply killed her – stabbing Nasreen eight times with a kitchen knife at their home in Cheadle, Manchester.

“Nasreen worked hard to support her family and was good at that job but by contrast you are a selfish and controlling man, did little to support your family and your wife.” Patrick Field QC, said in his judgement.

“Behind the traditional line taken in your texts, appeared to lurk an element of jealousy of your wife’s independence of mind and a resentment of her defiance of your orders,”

Khan admitted he murdered his wife, and was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum requirement he serve at least twenty years.

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