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Friday, 28 October 2016

‘I have a problem with Davido. He’s not serious and owes me for 3 months’ – Kaffy

Ace Nigerian professional dancer, Kaffy has granted a ‘Tell All’ interview to Thenetng explaining why she’s so angry with pop star, Davido.

Read excerpt from her interview with below.

‘The deal I had with Davido concerning driving dancers off stage was on July 22, 2016 at the Barclays Center in New York for the One Africa Music Festival, it was not 3 Thrones,‘ she said.

Kaffy added that, ‘He had already told me to hire dancers to dance for him but when he was about to get on stage he suddenly said he doesn’t need them anymore and the dancers were already by the stage. I looked at his manager and I was like, ‘does he know he’ll still have to pay them, because they are American dancers, they rehearsed and were ready to go on stage.’ So a few minutes later, Davido’s manager, Kamal came backstage and said they can join him on stage now, that Davido wanted to do the first couple of songs alone. I knew It was a cover up but regardless, the girls went on stage and danced with him. Since then, it’s almost three months now and they are yet to pay. I had to pay the girls with my own money.‘

So why did you release the Instagram rant immediately after the 3 Thrones concert?

I’ve been pursuing the money since July. The two weeks before 3 Thrones, we met in Abuja for the Star Trek show and I spoke with Kamal again like ‘bros you don forget me o’. And he told apologised and said ‘Kaffy we can’t pay you in dollars anymore, we’ll pay you in naira’, and I was like ‘no problem just make sure you pay me the equivalent of the current dollar rate’ because I paid the girls in dollars and he said no problem I won’t have to remind him again.

Then I left for the recent One Music Festival, on my arrival, I remembered they’ve not paid, I sent him a text and he replied like one hour after saying, ‘Davido says he’s not paying after all he already said he didn’t want the dancers.’

So back to the question, that day I was at a video shoot, so while I was complaining about the text Kamal had just sent, dancers around said that’s how he behaved at rehearsals for 3 Thrones, that he came and was rude to everyone and told the dancers that there’s a particular perimeter on stage that they should not enter, at that point I was so pissed off before I made the video.

How much is the money…

I don’t want to disclose the cost, I don’t want to go into that, but it’s the kind of money they can pay. So this particular incidence was like the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

At the moment, is Davido the only artiste that owes you?

A lot of people owe me, it’s not only Davido that’s why I said all of una, even companies. But the truth is Davido is not even the kind of client I’ll be dying for. He’s not serious, he’s not focused, he doesn’t come for rehearsals.

Will you still collect the money from Davido now or just let it go?

It’s my sweat and I will collect my pay. I don’t care about him saying he doesn’t have a problem with me, I have a problem with him. He’s enjoying the misdirection of the fans, he’s not coming forward to clear the air or apologise and say he’ll pay me my money, they’ve not even called me, they’ve ignored me till this point I’m talking to you.

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