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Friday, 21 October 2016

Cat Interrupts Live TV News Broadcast (Photo & Video)

A cat became an unexpected guest on a morning news program in Turkey, as it wandered into the studio during a segment involving reading the news headlines on the morning show “Good morning Denizli”, the stray cat appeared on a chair on the set and then hopped onto a table full of newspapers.

The show’s anchor, Kudret Celebioglu, attempted to complete the segment as the animal continued to crawl across the desk before settling on the keyboard of his laptop.

According to The Dodo, an animal magazine, Celebioglu said, “As you know, winter is coming and cold weather is passing through“.

“It’s an unexpected guest, [but] we should cuddle him. We should open the doors to stray cats and give them water and food. We all should take care of them somehow.”

When the show ended a staff member fed and adopted the curious cat and named him “Husnu”,  which means ”beauty”.

Lolz....! What would have happened if it were a Nigerian TV show? Guess the presenter would take to his heels....*village people don find me come studio!*.

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