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Monday, 29 August 2016

Types Of Bed: Which One To Choose?

For some, a bed is a separate republic inside the house. It is the place where you feel the most comfortable, where no worries are allowed, and where dreams create a colorful picture of some alternative reality… Okay, dreaming aside, but it is extremely significant to have a comfortable bed. Only in this case good sleep is guaranteed. And a good sleep defines your mood and productivity for the next day. Sound like all your life depends on how thoroughly you are choosing a bed!

Once more, a bed is a piece of furniture used as a place to sleep and relax.

Every bed is composed of a frame, a solid base – wooden or sprung – and a mattress on it. No matter what type of bed you choose, always check the quality of material. The base should be firm. Choose a mattress according to your preferences. Nevertheless, it is better to choose something in the middle – not too soft, but not too hard either. In case you have some problems with your back, at first consult a doctor, and then a shopping assistant before making a final decision.
Beds may have a headboard and footboards for additional comfort. Other comfort details come separately – a pillow, a blanket, and bedding. But let’s finish with bed at first.

Types of beds

Modern customers get used to the wide selection of options in all spheres, so when it comes to choosing a bed, everybody is very demanding. And there is no wonder!

Okay, if you don’t know what to start from, think about the size of a bed. There are four options.
The smallest is twin or single bed. It is big enough to accommodate a kid or one adult.

A double bed is also called “full”; it has the same length as twin bed, but is wider and has enough room for two adults.

Queen bed is the most common and the most popular option. It is perfect for two adults, and excellent for one person, who likes to spread out.

Finally, there is a king bed. The name speaks for itself. It is the biggest and the most spacious bed available. It is the best option for tall people and for comfortable sleeping with kids or pets.
Now let’s talk about design. It includes form and structure of the frame. Thus, we have:

· Platform bed: raised horizontal frame with rows of flexible wooden slats for mattress support; provides flexible support and ventilation.

· Folding bed: occupies less space, and this feature makes it a perfect option for small rooms.

· Panel bed: always has headboard and footboard connected by wooden rails; both parts are made from flat wood panels; variations with headboard only are also available.

· Sleigh bed: foot- and headboards are curved and resemble a sleight; they are usually made of heavy wood and remain about French influence in the XIX century.

· Murphy bed: a space-saving solution, letting title a bed vertically and store it in a closet.

· Trundle bed: another space saving option will be a good solution for children’s room.

· Standard bed: a simple metal frame with mattress upon it – classic.

· Daybed: these are usually placed in common rooms for lounge and naps.

· Poster bed: has four vertical columns and sometimes a supporting upper panel, is made of carved oak and available in diverse configurations.
The overall look of the bed always belongs to a certain style. It may influence texture, tone and feel. Contemporary beds are made of modern material and in ordinary shapes. Traditional add some visual touches of the centuries. Modern beds remind a crossover with contemporary style in a little bit old-fashioned version. Mission style emphasizes wooden elements. Cottage style includes painting and decorative elements, while country style is about rich textures. One of the most popular lately is Scandinavian style, distinctive by simplicity and minimalism.

You can also think about little functional details – specific finishing, drawers or other storage space, bookcase or lighted headboard.

Where to buy
There is atill a lot to process, but you may start looking through the list of available orders and see everything we’ve told about on the real examples. The best place to buy a beds is Jiji is widely known as the best marketplace in Nigeria thanks to its democratic process and rich selection. If we speak about furniture, both new and used items are available. Undoubtedly, you’ll find something great. And you’ll make the next big purchase lying comfortably in your bed, for shopping with Jiji is truly relaxing.

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