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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Native Doctor Beaten To A Pulp By Clients After False Prescription

A popular sungura musician, Obvious Mutani was reportedly given a thrashing of his life by irate clients for allegedly masquareding as a sangoma (African traditional healer). He was however rescued by members of the community.

H-Metro gathered that Mutani was part of a syndicate, which operated around Hopley area and its environs claiming to be traditional healers. Mutani’s photos carrying what is believed to be luck charms that he gives to clients are now circulating via social networks.

Revealing more details, Mutani confirmed being the one photographed but denied being fake sangoma.

“Yes its true I am the one who was photographed, I was just called to the scene where Madzibaba Felo had attended a sick client who was caught with the items. I was only a spectator but ended up as a victim as is the case right now,” said Mutani.

According to reports, Mutani who is also a popular singer in the locality is said to be a Christian who does not believe in traditional healing methods. "I am a member of Johanne Masowe eChishanu and among my band members, we are young and we don’t expect anyone to be doing that. In fact, I was tempted to hold those items because everyone, who was present at the scene, took turns to hold the stuff. I held the stuff after madzibaba Felo told us they would not be harmed,” he said.

Quizzed on who owned the stuff which he held, Mutani said: “The stuff belongs to prominent person that I am not at liberty to reveal. He is a prominent businessman who is well-known in the capital”.

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