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Monday, 1 August 2016

Man Hires Strippers To Give His Coffin A Lapdance At His Funeral (Photos)

This is really crazy! An Asian man made 'special' provisions to ensure his dead body have its last taste of strippers at his funeral.

As reported, strippers are sometimes invited to perform at funerals in China and Taiwan to attract more mourners.
According to UK’s Mirror:
This man got a slightly disturbing send-off at his funeral after a squad of bikini-clad strippers showed up and gyrated against his coffin.

The women left very little to the imagination as they performed an energetic dance routine to Maroon 5 hit Moves Like Jagger while wearing knee-high leather boots.
One of the women even seductively drapes her body over the coffin in front of the dead man’s relatives.
As the pair perform their co-ordinated routine a picture of the deceased is illuminated in the background with colourful lighting.

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