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Friday, 29 July 2016

Sweden Investigates Why Citizens Are No Longer Having Sex

Swedes are not having good sex anymore, and their government is worried about it! Like seriously??

According to Daily Mail, the Public Health Minister of Sweden, Gabriel Wikstrom said that the government has not thoroughly studied sex habits in over 20 years, and this may have contributed to the terrifying decline in citizens’ sexual activities.

Writing for Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Wikstrom noted that if stress and health issues are stopping Swedes from having sex, then it is a political problem.

“Despite living in one of the world’s most equal countries, a large proportion of all girls and young women are exposed to objectification, sexist comments and sexual violence,”Wikstrom says, before noting, “but it is an important part of getting a better understanding of the measures needed to make a difference.”

“Sex is not, and never has been, a purely private matter. [It] is also a matter of human health, and from that perspective, a political issue,” Wikstrom adds.

The Public Health Department is mandated to have the report ready by 2019.

The 2000 report on Swede sex lives discovered that “for both genders the total number of sexual partners had increased by approximately three partners since a similar study conducted in 1967. Men had on average 7.1 partners and women had 4.6,” Daily Mail says.

The report also researched how people consummated their relationships, their partners, masturbation, first time, and even the sex positions, contraception and reproduction.

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