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Monday, 20 June 2016

They Said Hunger Will Force Asa Out Of Music - Emma Ugolee Writes

The fact that I very easily feel sorry for people who seemed disadvantaged, oppressed or in dire need became a burden that I had to start learning to ignore for my own protection.

I was doing a great job at learning to look the other way but not on this evening sometime in 2004. I never felt so sorry for anyone like I did this lady at the French cultural centre.

She had just performed bare footed sitting on a stool and strumming her guitar to an
audience clearly uninterested in her overly conscious message and soulful delivery of a song we had all never heard before.

As I dreaded, the climax of her act was greeted with a very lukewarm applaud. As she walked off, the commedian/MC gave the look of disdain while he shook his head evoking laughter from the audience.

Then he drops the bomb to everyone’s hearing (including hers) ‘THE HUNGER WEY GO BEAT THIS ONE COMMOT FOR INDUSTRY EHN’. I almost cried. Alfred Atungu (6ft+) & myself had to go tell her we enjoyed her song so our consciences could loose some weight.

Fast forward to 2016, I am having conversation with this same comic act who described Asa as being on a level of her own. ‘THAT GIRL HOLD (CASH) DIE!’.

Now what was the best way to remind him what his words on the same girl was like 12years ago? Well, I said nothing but chewed seriously on the lesson which I am only to glad to share.

Human prediction, dismisal, disapproval or expectations have no business with how tomorrow would turn out for you.

Time, focus, hardwork, patience and God you would easily spot among factors to worry about on how your story ends. Man is nowhere in the sequence.

The unpredictable tomorrow hangs over everyone. Ahmadu Shaibu who signed Stephen Keshi’s condolence register was buried before him. Man is nobody to know what happens to you or himself.

Whatever they say today about your chances of making it is so irrelevant.

Men being too blind to see the diamond in the dirt won’t stop it from shinning so embrace your glow regardless.

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