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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Some Africans Still Think This Photo Is Racist - Be The Judge

The photo above has received over two thousand comments on Facebook, many of which are 'funny', as some people feel it portrays racism! Well, I'm probably the one not seeing it. Read some comments below and be the judge in the comment box.

One commenter wrote: “They put a black man near the mouth of this dangerous animal…racist!!!!!”

And another said; “yeah even now im mad cause they put him close to the mouth just in case the crocodile faked its death.”

A Facebook user-Mulanga also wrote: ‘In the first place whose idea is it to do what they are doing? I bet you it is the white man, just using the black man to accomplish their desires. why put him on top? what if he falls? what if the croc is not dead? That’s racist!”

Zamswazi had this to say: “I am actually iritated by the fact that he is closer to the mouth which is more dangerous yet the whites are by the feet ahy what if it decides to bite?who has to diebthe black guy?mxuum”

Lots of commenters still think the image is racist. What do you think?

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