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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

25 Boys Rape Girl In School Bathroom, Upload Video On Snapchat

Is'nt it a sick and crazy act?

Police in Florida have launched an investigation into a viral video that shows a 15-year-old girl having sex with about 25 boys in her school's bathroom.

According to Fort Myers police said, the unidentified girl confessed to her school principal that she had sex with numerous boys in the school's bathroom.

Witnesses also corroborated her story by saying they say about 25 boys entering and leaving the bathroom of the South Fort Myers High School.

Attempts to serve justice has proved difficult but one student has been made a scape goat and has been disciplined for the inappropriate activity.

The boys while raping the girl uploaded the video to Snapchat where it quickly went viral.

An unidentified student at the school told police investigators that members of the school’s football team were also involved in the incident.

A spokesperson for the Lee County School District confirmed that a student has been disciplined in accordance with the code of student conduct after an inappropriate activity occurred in the girls' bathroom at school on Tuesday.

So far, no other arrests have been made.


  1. You sure say no be with her consent the act was done? Me dey reason say she sef dey enjoin am cus if she was forced, she for pass out na.



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