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Friday, 15 April 2016

Company Invents Mattress That Can Tell You If Your Spouse Is Cheating or Having An Affair

From helping to relieve backache to regulating temperatures between the sheets and helping to prevent snoring, mattresses have become seriously high-tech these days. Now they can even help detect if a partner is cheating.

Costing £1,200, the Spanish-designed ‘smartress’ allows mistrusting spouses who are away from
home to check their smartphones to find out if the mattress is in use and how many people are on it.
The high-tech bed, which can be purchased with ‘upmost confidentiality’ and comes with a five year warranty, uses 24 ultrasonic sensors to detect ‘suspicious activity’, alerting the owner via a mobile app.

Its ‘Lover Detection System’ generates a 3D map to show which areas are receiving greater pressure and what movement is taking place, all in ‘real time’.

Described by developers as ‘foolproof’, the electronic genius behind the system is said to be undetectable as it is integrated within the mattress’s springs.

Jose Antonio Muinos, spokesman for makers Durmet, said: ‘We came up with the idea after we saw the figures on infidelity that said Spaniards were the most unfaithful in Europe.

‘It is a concept that will bring peace of mind to men and women, not just during the night but also during the day while they are out at work and the bed should really be being used.

‘On the outside it is just a normal looking and very comfortable mattress, but inside hides some cutting-edge technology.

‘We think the mattress will do well internationally because it is the only one in the world that uses this technology and is designed specifically for the objective of catching cheating partners.’

According to extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison, Madrid has the highest rate of cheating
spouses, closely followed by London.

The ‘smartress’ is not the first tool designed to catch lovecheats. The app mCouple was launched last year, which enables users to track almost every detail of their partner’s life.

Users are given access to every phone call, text and email, and any activity on Skype or Facebook, as well as pictures and videos taken on their mobile.

People can even record their partner’s mobile phone conversations – and track their movements using GPS technology.

The app was created by London-based firm mSpy, which stressed that users must gain consent before downloading the device on to their partner’s phone.

A similar app, Couple Tracker, costs just 79p and sells itself as ‘the best affair and cheating prevention and detection mobile application’. With more than five million downloads, the app includes GPS-tracking every half hour, full call history and a statistical overview of everyone commenting and liking their partner’s Facebook posts.

From: DailyMail

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