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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Miss BumBum Model Who Claimed To Have Slept With C. Ronaldo Is Now A Born Again

The model and TV presenter became a household name in Brazil after coming second in the popular Miss Bumbum competition, which finds the nation's best bottom, before starring in the Latin American country's version of TV reality show The Farm. She posed naked for men's magazines, dated famous actors and
singers, and achieved worldwide fame after she claimed she'd had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, which the footballer has always strenuously denied.
Andressa breaks down and sobs as she remembers the near-death experience that made her reevaluate her life and give her life to God.

She said while preaching:

'None of my money could help me then. I knew that my soul was condemned to hell. 'You might wonder why I'm here today?. 'Because I could have ended up here too, sitting there among you. 'My last boyfriend was a drug trafficker who got 65 years in prison. I carried drugs for him, I could easily have been sent to jail too. 'But even out there on the streets, I was still in prison, a prisoners to anger, bitterness and hate. I was an arrogant person who humiliated others.'

'Now I can tell you I am a different person. I've asked forgiveness from all of the people I ever wronged. I've forgiven my abuser and all those I hated. And the most difficult thing of all, I've managed to forgive myself. 'I don't care anymore what the world thinks of me. I know that God loves me.' 'I want your soul for the Lord Jesus, that's what I want, I want to win your soul for him.'

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