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Friday, 4 March 2016

Man Secretly Married Another Woman While His Girlfriend Was In Labour

Adonis Marries Juliet
Heather McGillion, 25, met a fine man whom she worked with as an entertainer for tourists in the Dominican Republic. And then after both fell in love, excited about their future—Heather got pregnant, a report UK’s Metro.

According to the website, the two spent a year together and then Heather fell sick which meant she had to return to Scotland. But unfortunately, her Dominican boyfriend “couldn’t get a visa so he stayed behind preparing for their new baby – or so Heather believed.”
The website adds;

It turns out he took the chance to marry another woman, leaving the mother of his child devastated and heartbroken at his betrayal.

Heather realised what was happening as she welcomed her son Diego into the world – and then opened a message on Facebook from a friend showing a photo of Adonis, aged 21, marrying a German tourist.

Heather, a trained dancer, said: ‘When I opened the message it felt like I had been hit by a double-decker bus.

‘Adonis had his arms around a woman and she was wearing a wedding dress.

It didn’t make sense and the more I thought about it, the more absurd it was.

‘We had only been apart for a few weeks and there was no way Adonis could have met another woman and arranged a wedding in less than a month.

‘For a second I didn’t twig who it was. Then to my horror I realised it was Julia.”

The pain will even be more since Heather knows Juliet. She says;

Juliet ‘was a German tourist who came to stay at the hotel. About a year before I had noticed Adonis had become friends with her on Facebook and they had been messaging each other.

‘It was nothing s*xual but it made me feel uneasy. But Adonis assured me there was nothing going on and when I discovered I was pregnant I forgot all about it.’

When Heather confronted Adonis about it over the phone, he admitted marrying Julia, but claimed he only did it for a visa.

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