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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Justin Bieber And Big Sean Ends Beef

Almost a year ago, Justin and Grande went all touchy at a couple of concerts while she was still dating Sean. Justin wrapped his arms around Ariana and moved his hands up her body in the presence of Sean, leaving the “Be Alright” singer unhappy.
Well, let's fast forward, The 22-year-old singer surprised his fans in Los Angeles on his 'Purpose Tour' when he brought Sean on stage post their silent beef. It virtually took one word from Justin to make it all better as Sean was ready to leave that “ancient beef” in the past.

Justin tried to apologize for groping Ariana," 
a source tells Hollywood Life, "but before he could even finish his sentence Sean cut him off and said ‘don’t even worry about it, bro.’ They hugged it out and it’s all behind them.”

"It turns out that Justin and Big Sean decided to stick to the Bro Code, the oldest code in the players handbook,” the source adds. "Sean isn't with Ariana anymore and he’s not tripping off that ancient beef. There’s money and music to be made and to both Justin and Sean, that means more than a girl."

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