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Saturday, 26 March 2016

How to find your destined life partner’ – Lynxxx writes

Every Queen has A King (And Vice Versa) before your parents met, God knew you, before they thought of Conceiving you, he had your destiny and gender laid out and after you came to be, he knows and has numbered every strand of hair on your head… (Which none of us can claim we even know about our selves).

Now how can this Almighty Creator go through all these steps and forget to Give you a life companion that he has likewise created and approved? It was his idea to create the woman out of the Rib of man to compliment and complete man!

Therefore without finding that missing Rib we are incomplete beings! It was also his
command to be Fruitful and Multiply! Remember that the same God says that no word of his shall return void!

Therefore my Queens, seek the Guidance and Approval of your creator in order to find your destined life partner.

Every unsuccessfully relationship should never be looked at as a ‘broken Heart’ situation but as a stepping stone and Lesson to never repeat such mistakes and Move on with your head high in new found knowledge and wisdom.

If you seek completion And Gods guidance, you would be led to your soul mate. If you seek financial elevation through the opposite sex, you would be led to another Life Lesson! Choose wisely!

Seek 1st the Kingdom of God and All thing WILL be added onto u. Key word WILL (meaning it is a promise)! Hold on to the Living word and enjoy a blessed life!

God Bless Yall!

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