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Thursday, 10 March 2016

'Did you try to close your legs?' - Judge Asks Rape Victim

Like seriously? O yeah, a judge asked a rape victim that weird question.

A Spanish judge has been accused of offensive questioning after she asked a rape victim if she had tried closing her legs.

According to report by Daily Beast, the comments were made as the alleged victim appeared in court in Vitoria, northern Spain, to make an initial rape allegation to the magistrate. 

The victim who was not named told the court that she was repeated abused sexually and physically by a man. Judge Maria del Carmen Molina Mansilla, in the Basque Country responded to the claim by asking the woman: "Did you close your legs and your other female organs?"

The weird question asked by the Judge has since sparked protests in a country where a shocking one in five women have been victims of assault.

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