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Monday, 15 February 2016

Woman Returns To Barber's Shop To Shoot Him After A Bad Hair Cut

Isn't she really crazy?

A woman in California who was unhappy with her haircut dished out by her barber returned to the San Diego salon and tried to shoot her barber, but he escaped unharmed when her gun jammed, police say.

“Barber Manny Montero said customer Adrian Blanchce Swain, 29, left 619 Barber Shop happy, having paid for her $20 haircut and leaving another $20 tip,” MailOnline reports.

A few hours later after the haircut, Adrian returned to complain about the hair cut—and tried shooting him 3 times. The barber is alive today because all these 3 times, the gun didn’t fire.

After it became obvious that the woman was on a killing mission, Manny Montero and another barber managed to pin her down, until law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

That’s pretty scary…but another Barber from the same salon-Joe Cooper, thinks the customer was “probably just having a bad day.”

“It was more mental with her. But the haircut, it’s a very stylish haircut though,” Cooper said.

The hair cut was kind of the Rihanna hair cut which the Cooper says it was easy to do and was done well for Adrian Blanchce Swain.

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