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Friday, 5 February 2016

Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral, Terrifies Husband Who Paid Hit Men To Kill Her

A Burundian woman gave her Congolese partner the shock of his life when she showed up at her own funeral after he had paid hit men 7,000 Australian dollars to kill her.

Balenga Kalala had suspected his wife Noela Rukundo of cheating on him. They had been living together for 10 years in Melbourne, Australia, and had three children together. But, when Rukundo traveled back to her home country Burundi to bury her stepmother, she was abducted by hit men who later told her that her husband arranged for them to kill her. She refused to believe them until they called him over the phone and she heard him tell them to kill her.

Rukundo fainted. When she came to, the men said they knew her brother, then they set her free. Meanwhile, her husband, believing she was dead as the hit men told him, reported to their community in Melbourne that Rukundo died in an auto accident in Burundi.

On her funeral day in Melbourne, Rukundo sat in a car, waited until guests had said condolences to her grieving husband and left, then she confronted him.

At first Balenga Kalala though she was a ghost. “Is it my eyes?” Rukundo recalled him saying. He touched her shoulder to confirm her to be real, and she told him “Surprise! I’m still alive!”

He began to scream.

Rukundo told BBC that he initially denied the crime, but with the help of the police, he confessed over the phone which was recorded, and then he was charged to court.

“I felt like somebody who had risen again,” Rukundo told the BBC. “My situation, my past life? That is gone. I’m starting a new life now. I will stand up like a strong woman.”

Kalala was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Credits: Mirror UK

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