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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Villagers Cut Of Rapist's Manhood After He Defiled Student

A sex starved man who raped a secondary student in Munyu Village, Kieni, Nyeri County of Kenya, was meted with the worst kind of punishment by angry villagers who caught him as they cut of his penis, News24 reports.

According to reports, the man who is a farmhand, had waylaid the girl on her way back to school early in the morning, and abducted her into a bush where he allegedly had carnal knowledge of her without her consent.

When the abused girl got home, she reported the rape to her mother who laid a report to the youths of the village and they went after the rapist. When he was caught, he was beaten mercilessly, after which they cut off his weapon of destruction.

He was only saved by the police that came to the scene and whisked him away to a health facility for treatment, as the people brayed for his head.

Source: Media Nigeria.

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