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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Police Arrest Man Who Kidnapped People To Raise Money For Girlfriend’s Bride Price

The police has arrested a suspected kidnapper named Uzordima Chukwudi along with his group members, which include a prison official, in connection with the kidnap of a woman in Imo State. According to Chukwudi, who was a lotto operator and a former student of
Mechanical Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, his pregnant girlfriend was the reason he took to kidnapping.

Speaking to journalists during the week, Chukwudi stated that he had to drop out of school after his girlfriend got pregnant and the pressure to raise her bride price was what lured him into crime.

“My girlfriend is pregnant and I have been under pressure to pay her bride price but I had no money. She told me that since she became pregnant her mother had been ostracised by her fellow women in their village. The pressure was too much that I needed to look for money by all means” he stated.

He revealed how the gang was put together by two of his friends after they had introduced him to the prison official Chukwuma Agim , who facilitated their kidnapping sprees.

“Agim, being a prison official, was the one making way for us whenever we approached a police check point. But our first operation was not successful because the person we targeted escaped. But on the second operation, one of our guys went with a policeman and they kidnapped the woman.”

Chukwudi’s role in the kidnap was only to feed the woman in the bush, which he was given N100,000 for. He also stated that his fellow kidnappers had lied that the woman had paid N1.1 million for her ransom but when they were arrested, she stated that she had paid N3 million. Chukwudi revealed that he had given his girlfriend part of the N100, 000 to start the preparation for the wedding. It was on his way to the market to buy drinks for the ceremony that he got arrested.

The prison official stated that even though he was able to buy clothes, settle his debts and fix his car with his N100,000 share in the ransom paid by the victim’s family, he regrets his involvement in the act.

Source: PUNCH

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