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Monday, 1 February 2016

Dakore Akande Speaks On Her Reason For Returning To The Movie Industry

In a recent chat with Pulse, Dakore Akande revealed her reasons for returning to the movie industry, stating that her fans had a hand in it.

In her words:

My work isn’t done yet, it never was, it just kind of happened that way. It wasn’t something that I thought of and said ‘ok, it’s gonna be five years, I’m gonna take time off,” No. Life doesn’t really happen that way. It just happened, and my kids came quickly.

I’m happy, now I’m a mum of two, I’m more settled, but I had to even power through that to come back to work, and that was tough, it took a lot of guts.”

Giving credit to her fans, the actress said; “they would send me messages on my website and on Facebook “where are you, we miss you.” I think that kind of really touched me, and I was like ‘wow, so this is really important, like it’s not just a hobby.”

It made me feel like I made enough impact in the industry to be missed. It helped me make up my mind and say ‘you know what, I still have work to do.” And I found out that I’m not the kind of woman that’s happy just being at home. I’m a creative, I need to be doing something creative. I’m happy that I have done that, and I can show people that it can be done, as far as you are determined, focused and have a good support system, which I’m happy to have.

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