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Friday, 22 January 2016

Uganda Bans The Recruitment Of Its Citizens To Work As Maids In Saudi Arabia

Uganda have been moved to action after an incident involving some of their maids in the Saudi Kingdom. An audio recording surfaced online in the country earlier this week, showing some of their citizens recounting the horrible treatments being meted out to them and appealing for help from their government.

In response, the government has suspended an agreement in place between the two
countries allowing for graduates to be exported to the Kingdom to work as maids.

Ugandan website The Independent notes that “In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the recruitment and deployment of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia and other countries is banned henceforth. The letter was written by Muruli Wilson Mukasa, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development.”

The letter reads in part; “the ban will remain in force until the conditions are deemed fitting. The ban is also in line with Parliament recommendation on banning recruitment and deployment of housemaids.”

The cruel and inhumane treatments meted out to foreign nationals, mostly from Africa, who travel to these parts of the world is not going to stop anytime soon. Remember, the women under this regime have so little rights they cannot drive, and cannot go anywhere unattended by a male; so why would a foreign woman expect any better treatment?

Since the Saudi’s are not magically going to change, the best solution is for us not to export people to those countries. But nothing beats desperation as a motivation.

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