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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Raw Talent Still Rules Over Sex Appeal

“I did a Kim Kardashian. Thank God it wasn't with my ass…”. Those were the words of Adele in a recent interview after she smashed the internet with the visuals of her latest single “Hello”. Her music video racked-up a record breaking 27.7million views in one day! Can you beat that?

Prior to the emergence of Tylor Swift and Adel on the supremacy battle field of Vevo (top music video platform), the biggest video debut on Vevo was Nicki Manaj’s “Anaconda” from Aug. 2014. Of course we all know Nicki had to go semi-nude with her bum-shaking video vixens to set her record, banking on sex appeal in lieu of actual talent.

Voilà! A well cladded and ever decent looking Adele smashed Nicki’s record effortlessly! Who says you must shake your naked butt and feature semi-nude video vixens before you catch the attention of the world? If you’ve got real talent, you’ve got what it takes to take the world by storm.

Most contemporary Nigerian artistes are now all about bum-shaking. Common, come of it! Your music and music videos are becoming so predictable and boring. Even when most Nigerian artistes sing about their struggles and God’s blessings, there has to be a scantily dressed lady oozing sex appeal by their side.

Just like Adele, don’t join the bandwagon, SELL YOUR TALENT NOT SEX.

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