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Monday, 14 September 2015

Yaya Toure Only Sends Me Money When I Send Him Nude Pics - Baby Mama

A 31 year old Paris woman, Mariam Camara, has made a series of blistering allegations to the Sun. The shop worker was Toure’s girlfriend whilst they were teenagers back in Cote d’Ivoire, but fell out of contact when he went to Europe to make his name as one of the world’s best midfielders.

According to Mariam, Toure is the father of her child, despite him being married, and has refused to cater for the child. She says the only time the Manchester City midfielder would send her money is when she sends him nude photos of herself.

She told the Sun that....

“I would have to give him something, like nekkid photos or photos of my bum. And if I didn’t send
the photos we wouldn’t get the money.

“When I refused he stopped paying anything to his son. He wouldn’t even say hello.

“It was manipulative. He knew that without him we’ll struggle, so he can ask for these things”

Camara claims after initially denying the child was his, a DNA test conclusively proved otherwise.
Mariam and Yaya’s son

The test showed there was a 99.999991270957 per cent chance that the toddler was Toure’s.

Mariam and Yaya Toure reconnected in Paris in November 2011. Despite being married with three kids, Toure carried on an affair with her that later led to the pregnancy in June 2012.

After informing him about it, he vehemently denied it, and only catering for the child after the DNA test. Yet even that has a caveat.

The Premier League star has only seen his child twice, according to Mariam.

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