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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ebola Refuses To Leave Sierra Leone As New Cases Pop Up

After recording no new case(s) for a fortnight in Sierra Leone, people were already celebrating their freedom from the whims of the dreaded virus, but now it reared its ugly head once again, setting the 42 day clock to eradication back to zero.

Sadly, four new cases have been recorded of the virus in in Sella Kaffta, a village in Kambia District near Sierra Leone’s northern border. All four patients have been identified as having come into contact with a woman who died of the disease last month.

Head of Sierra Leone’s National Ebola Response Centre, Pallo Conteh said the woman’s family had
failed to notify authorities when she fell ill and instead cared for her themselves.

“I am expecting more cases,” he said. “We are sure that the body was washed … so all those who took part in the washing of the corpse, all those who were helping her when she was having wet symptoms would all become infected.”

Traditional washing of bodies before burial has been identified as one of the biggest factors for the virus’ spread, and has persisted despite thousands of deaths and intensive education.

“Our people are stubborn,” Conteh said. “Until they stop doing what I call the silly things we will have cases popping up here and there.”

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