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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Angry Kim K, Khloe & Kris Slams Caitlyn On Air: ‘You Got The Fame, But You’re Losing Your Family!’

It's now becoming more obvious that the people closest to Caitlyn Jenner are not so happy with her bombshell transition, despite earlier pretence that they were in support of her decision.

On the latest episode of I Am Cait, the 65-year-old trans woman sits down with her stepdaughters Kim, 34, and Khloe, 31— and in a preview clip, her ex-wife Kris, 59— to bravely listen to their anger and resentment.

First of all, Kim confronted Caitlyn for comments she made about Kris in her widely publicized Vanity Fair article ( for slamming her former spouse in the magazine, claiming the momager wasn’t “tolerant” of her big change).

“You’re in trouble,” Kim tells her in the star’s Malibu mansion. “You still have a little Bruce in you. I thought Caitlyn would be a little kinder.”

Speaking on Caitlyn’s very public statement that the former power couple divorced due to Kris’ inability to accept her transition, Kim exploded and said; “She’s not a lesbian! That’s not fair to ask!” she argues.

“She wanted me out of the house. ‘You’re outta here’…Don’t come back and be so emotional over
the breakup,” Caitlyn responded to Kim.

“You can’t fault her,” Kim calmly explains. “She obviously really loved you and cherished your 25 years together as a family.”

Though the conversation ended in an agreement, Kim had the last laugh as she slammed Caitlyn by saying;  .“You got the fame, but you’re losing your family.”

Despite her longstanding disagreement with Kris, Caitlyn mentions she hopes her ex will call her to clear the air. And it seems she gets her wish. In a preview clip for the upcoming episode, Caitlyn and Kris actually meet face to face for a discussion.

“You’re sensitive and amazing to so many people,” Kris says with tears in her eyes. “You’re just not sensitive and amazing to the family you left behind.”

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