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Monday, 6 July 2015

Charlyboy Condemns Same-Sex Marriage, Says It....

While speaking with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Charles Oputa, also known as Charlyboy, on Tuesday raised concern over the practice of same-sex marriage and advised that it should not be allowed in Nigeria.

In his words:

“I understand people talk about right and civilisation but same-sex marriage is un-African, and we should not encourage it here.

 “It is deeply disappointing and worrisome that the U.S. Supreme Court could uphold same-sex marriage.

 “I have never been the one to beef about people’s sexual preferences but this is taking it too far.

“What is marriage equality? You can’t redefine marriage by judicial fiat. “In all cultures, secular or
religious, marriage is between a man and a woman.

“It is said that every child has a right to be raised by two parents; a father and a mother, both are important and are not interchangeable.

 “The sad reality that so many children are deprived of this right because of the crisis in traditional marriages does not make it any less important.”

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