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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Applicant Steals N50,000 From Prospective Employer During Interview!

Na wa o! An applicant completely blew his chances of getting employed after he stole N50,000 from his prospective employer in Abuja. The incident occurred on Tuesday in Bwari Area Council at a school affiliated to a pentecostal church whose general overseer doubles as the school proprietor.

According to Leadership:

The Benue indigene, whose name was given as David, had earlier worked as security man for the school but voluntarily resigned shortly before the last general election and went back to his state. Before leaving the security job he had introduced one of his fellow townsman to the school, who replaced him on the job.

The applicant returned to Abuja on Monday and went straight to the school to see if his job could be given back to him. He met with the school’s principal who quickly told him that the brother that replaced him performed his duty better and so they had no intention of taking the job from him. She however advised him to see the proprietor who was not around at the moment.

When the proprietor arrived at the school, Dave as he was called, who was squatting in the security house with the school’s security man was asked to go and see her. In the course of interview Dave noticed the safe where the proprietor kept her money. A source in the school said they could not tell the exact time the applicant went into the proprietor’s office and stole the N50,000 from her safe. The proprietor returned to her office after going to inspector on-going work at the site of the school’s annex.

Shortly after she entered her office, she noticed that the money had been stolen and so she raised the
alarm. All the staff were summoned to the proprietor’s office and informed about the missing money. Immediately, search for the money commenced. every office was searched and the bags and briefcases of the teachers were also searched.

 The school’s authority eventually decided to take the search to the security house where the applicant also had his travelling bag. The security man who was combing the room, picked up Dave’s bag and opened it and to the amazement of everyone, the N50,000 fell out of the bag.

The proprietor who felt shocked but relieved that the money had been recovered immediately ordered the applicant out of the school’s premises.

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