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Saturday, 20 June 2015

41 Year Old Man Who Pretends To Be 28 Years Old Dates 15 Uni Students At Once! [Photo]

A 41-year-old man identified as Tian Fu-sheng in Hebei, China, is on trial in Beijing, on fraud charges after dating 15 university students at the same time! (Wow! He is a great player, he obviously needs to join China national  football team *lolz*)

Fu-sheng is an unemployed man, he is divorced and has a 17-year-old daughter. But he lied to the girls that he was a CEO of a company, and that he has a master’s degree from one of the country’s two leading universities.

Fu-sheng used a chat line to meet the women and dated 15 girls at once. Many of the women were studying at various universities in Beijing, Shandong, and Hebei.

One of his victims said, Fu-sheng was a very caring boyfriend. The women visits him at his farm house, where they had sex with him (one of them his currently pregnant with his
child). Most of these women were never in a serious relationship and they believed everything he said. One of the women, who was identified as Ma, said: “If you didn’t lend him money, he’d make you feel like you were being a bad girlfriend.”

Fu-sheng however denied the allegations, he said the women “voluntarily gave” him the money and he was not dating all of them at once, they were just mutual friends.

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