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Friday, 26 June 2015

2 Bankers Gets Sexually Transmitted Disease From Contaminated Money!

Doctors in China, said that two bank employees got infected with sexually transmitted diseases during work after touching infected paper money without washing their hands!

One of the tellers, a 30-year-old woman, said that the only person with whom she was sexually active was her fiance, and he tested negative for STDs.

A gynecologist at the Wenzhou City People’s Hospital said that the woman had been indirectly infected with genital warts after handling money at work most probably after using the bathroom without washing her hands.

Surprisingly, another doctor at the hospital, Li Feifei, said that he had a patient who had the same experience. Feifei said that his patient, a woman, claimed to have been a virgin with no previous
sexual experience. She was also infected with an STD after being in contact with money at her job working as a bank teller.

While most STDs cannot be transmitted through contact with toilet seats, shared utensils, swimming pools or money, there are exceptions, doctors said.

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